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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Milk that is good for babies.

Two of my friends are expecting, one is anytime soon in October and the other is in November. That is so .......... I don't know felling since I get married two years ahead of them and no sign for baby yet. whew!
I am in between of wanting a baby so much and not really want it now. I want it since I really would like to have a family too. I don't want it because I have loads of plans in my mind that having a baby will just ruin it all.
But when I talked to my pregos friend... it made me want too. Specially seeing them preparing for the babies coming. One of them talked to me on how to increase breast milk so that I'll do it too when I get pregnant. She is really a good friend and a good teacher too. She love to teach her friends things that she knows and would benefits us. Probably when I get pregnant and would breast feed I will just eat more soup because that's what my old people taught me.
Ooh talking about this just made me want to get pregnant!

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