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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I've been into a lot of eating today. First early in the morning I got cereal, coffee and a toast, then we hit the road for  a less than two hours drive to my friends grandparents at the country side. And there we got served a lot of good food too. Mashed squash, potatoes, beef, salad, apple pie and a lot more. Whew... I've got a lot of eating. And when we return home we met our friends parents at tim hortons for dinner. And after that I went to my newlywed couple friends house. In there I never thought that I'll gonna cook some chilli and can't help myself but have some again because it was good.
When I looked upon her herbs or spices though I was amazed because there were a lot of kind.  I wonder if she has put some best protein powder  to make her chilli taste good because it did taste good and different.  I am hoping that if I go back to the Philippines I'll be able to cook some food in here fo rmy friends.

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