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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

..gotta cook!

It's funny and scary as well thinking that people or friends here where we are now thought that I am a good cook. I don't exactly know where did they find that funny information because I never thought of myself as a good cook.
Well I won't deny the fact that I love cooking but I don't rate myself as good one. All dish that I cooked was experimental. When I did it first time and tasted good... it won't be that good enough the second one.
Yesterday I was forced to cook because they were telling me to do it. (sigh) I made baked chicken as I did it in the Phils. but I lessen up the spices and salt coz I know people here don't use salt as much as I like it. And the result was not that good and I know they don't appreciate it that much either. After that we visited some other friends for dinner and a lady told me that I have to cook for their ministry because they were told I am a good cook. I want to faint or melt or just vanish away with the wind. (sigh).
Anyways.. If they want it then I will! so help me God!

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