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Friday, September 3, 2010

Our Neighbor

There's a construction going on besides our office. Before it was a big house standing in there but now it's anymore. It seems that they are making a metal building. What troubles us though is the annoying sound of the machines they're using to build that place, specially when there are meeting going on. We can't hardly hear people talking. Part of me would like to tell them not to work on a Wednesday because its our team day, and during that time we mostly had meetings.
There is nothing we can do because they too are just workers and Wednesday is not  a holiday for them. But I wished  it is ( lol!) selfish me.  The sounds really annoys me to the max.
On the other side of the irritable feeling I had for these people outside of our office is the soft kind side too. Whenever I see them working hard, I can't help but pity these people, Because I knew that even though they worked hard, there salary is still not enough to give their family a good life. But my friend told me that at least they have work that nothing.

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