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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Caley's Birthday

I remember clicking on "yes" option when my friend sent the facebook party/event invitation. I really thought hubby and I could make it. We never anticipated the fact that our visitor friend will be leaving early the next day. So a send off dinner was a must.  The birthday party starts at three in the afternoon in a two hours place away from home (two hours when there is no traffic and more when there is).
Her was his tita Rocks and Tito Dolf who made his 1st birthday invitations as their gift to him and beside that is one of their business too making party stuff.
It was Caley's birthday and I remember cutting some tiny picture of him for his souvenirs gift. I just imagine that when I will have my own baby Caley I might be doing same thing. I must be very excited then :)

Got this picture from ate rocks!

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