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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hotspring swimming!

We went to Banff, a town in the middle of a park Alberta Canada. This is a very beautiful place.
Our friend Dennis and Karen, a very beautiful couple too brought us to this place. We stay at Ptarmigan Inn for three nights. They brought us around the park and took us to the famous tourist places there. During at night they would also took us to the hotspring pool. At first I did not believe them when they told me that they would be bringing us to the pool because its fall time and actually almost spring already and still swimming outdoor. We did not know that it was true and its a hotspring too.
We did not bring any swim wear with us when we came, the good thing was you could actually rent a swimming attire from there. We never thought of anything like that would happen though reason that the short that hubby brought was like men's running shorts or a regular short he uses in the Phils.
And as for me.. I'm pretty sure they won't allow me swimming with t-shirt on.

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