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Saturday, October 9, 2010

My friend faith

My friend Sarah has an aunt named Faith. We talked a lot about her and I really wanted to her so bad.
Faith is a special lady, she is 51 years old and she is working too.
God gave me the privileged to see her almost three weeks ago and that meeting made me almost cry. She is living with her mom who is a very lovely lady and is seventy-five years old and still very healthy and is taking care of Faith. When I saw grandma I thought that the reason why the Lord haven't take her yet because no one will take care of Faith the way her mom does.
I just don't know  would happen with these people when the one who loved them the most would be taken away from them.  I just hope that  people like them has disability insurance  because it would be good if they had one.
Seeing my friend Faith lightened up my spirit and feeling the loved of grandma refreshes my soul.

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