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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My friends hubby

My friend Liss is three weeks married now. She has a house she bought from an old lady. We helped her setting up thing and kind of cleaning the house a bit. Her hubby though is out for two weeks to a moose hunting. She told us that she went crying a while ago when he called up because she misses him. Who wouldn't anyway miss a husband who is away for two weeks.
She has a very interesting husband though.. a very handy man. He fixed trucks as a living, he did not finishes high school because he's parents are menonite and doesn't believe the importance of education, but he is very smart though and I like him. He drinks and he likes cigars too, I wonder though if he has tired Acid cigars. I don't really know what it is actually but maybe some people I know has tried it already. I just don't know if I would like it myself because  I am not into cigars, but if its kind of a coffee.... I might try ;)

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