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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Broken Sink!

After a week of moving stuff, we finally made it. All of our stuff are already moved but our hearts still remains though. We finally had our first night at our new house last night and it felt weird because its so quiet there at ten o'clock in the night while in the City where we're used to is still alive.

Our stuff are sitting all over the place, messy and unorganized. So distressful to look at! We also put some bulbs and we found out that some electrical outlets are broken and cause out some problems. And one thing more the kitchen sink is not that nice and it has rust on it. How I wished we have more money to buy new stuff and do some change again, but we have no cash anymore... we consider ourselves broke at this moment. Hopefully the next days we will financially alright, only, we don't know how would that happen. We'll leave it all to God!

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