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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hope to have some fun tonight!

Justine is coming over to our house tonight for dinner. He is a missionary from Grimsby, Ontario and he stayed here with us for six months and he is going back home on  Wednesday,  February 2nd  early morning.  The reason why he wanted to come to our house is because he wanted to see our new home.  I am flattered in a way because he wanted to come but my only concern is our house is an hour away from the City and its not that easy to get to our house unless you have  a car.

So we have decided to borrow the YM van but hubby has to drive it for him and two other friends, and for sure late at night tonight hubby and I would drive them back here and we will go back home again. So much hassle! If only not for friendship sake.. I will never allow hubby to do this specially now that hubby's weight had gone down probably because of the stressful day to day travel that we had.

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Up Close said...

Thank God because it turn out good! We indeed had great time and good laugh!
We will definitely miss Justin.