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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thinking of ways...

I am thinking of ways on how we could have more food in the house but in lesser budget. God is seems telling us to minister to them through this way. When we live far away from them before we don't feel it this way  because we don't really see how they live but as we now live closer to them we saw whats really the real thing about them and we felt bad in not seeing it this way before and in fact we even felt annoyed when they told us things in the past.

So now God wants us to be a blessing to them even just even in ways of sharing our food with them, which is really doesn't matter to me/us. In feeding his fam makes me feel like doing a feeding ministry and feeling like life has worth because I've done a ministry.

I am thinking of making spring roll tonight for next day food. I might just put it in the freezer so that it will last till next and next and the next day again.

May the Lord bless the works of our hands and the desires of our heart. May the Lords name be glorified.


Up Close said...

I made it. kahit papano nakakatulong din. Praise God sa wisdom and provisions!

J-mie said...

check my blog once in awhile for simple and easy-on-the-budget recipes. :)

have fun cooking! missing yah!