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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Conference call with boss

Being in  the team's department of our ministry, I was assigned to answer emails with the short teams coordinator  of the visiting team. I love doing this thing actually, I like to think that in what I do I kind of lessen the worries and concerns of the coming team. It's really my passion to help them in whatever way I can.

So having this job got me the opportunity to talked to people that I only met during those moment. It was not easy and the feeling we're weird. I remembered having  a conference call then with  my boss and his business partner (I was working as a telemarketer during this time). I was really lost in words because I am really not a talker so I only answer if they ask me questions. It was crazy because they want me to talk and would tell about myself but i was not with myself that time. Totally crazy times!

Well, on the other hand, to think of how we can do this things through high tech gadgets is just a very amazing thing.  To think that in the older time we can't do this, but today we just can do anything. I salute to peoples wisdom and innovative thinking.

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