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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Personalized Gifts

Baby Alphabet QuiltI would love to give a personalized gifts to my lovely "inaanaks" (means god children) during their birthdays, because I have loads of god children. In fact in the coming Sunday I'm going to have another one, my college friend first born daughter will be baptized. I actually told my friend one time that I think I have to say no to those who would ask me to be a "ninang" anymore (ninang is what we called to a godmother), but she said that no matter what I say I am still one of her daughter's god mother.

So hubby and I need to shop for a gift, just don't know when though probably before Sunday of course. I would be better if the gift we are looking is for teens because all we need to do is go to teenager girl gifts at Personal Creations to get one. I am hoping I'll able to get a personalized gift for her.

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Up Close said...

Hubby saw this post and he disagreed. :D