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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Insurance Agent then

I was once a telemarketer for people who lives in the US of A. It was quite a tough job for me not only because of the language difference but also the accent and time difference as well. I did the work at home and I have recruited the hubby to join me in my quest for sales, and I was overly happy because he agreed to join with me in my half miserable job.

Another thing that I struggle about my work was the thought that people hates me because I'm a telemarketer and I was not happy in that part. So whenever the phone rang on the other line part of me pray that no ne would answer. Crazy me huh!? I know I'm not good to hire with work like that.

Anyways, I was then calling to set an appointment with my boss for older people who would like to get a disability insurance for an affordable amount. Yet, it's sad to say that for three months of working I only got five appointments and two of them was not good.

It was quite an experience though, a thing that I would never try again.

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