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Friday, May 6, 2011

Eating left-over food from last night

....friends came to eat lunch with us, and the food we just ate were left-over food from last night (hubby's little dinner party with his family).  Yes, it was hubby's birthday yesterday, but the celebration was a joint celebration because there were three of theme celebrates their birthdays this month (his dad's was-May 1, hubby's-May 5, and his younger sister Abi-is in May 16).

We cook fried noodles or pansit canton, fried tilapia, and I tried to make chicken cordon bleu for the first time, then Abi brought the cake and sodas. Aside from hubby's family minus his dad, hubby's aunt and uncle who lives   in Malabon came just to see hubby. Good thing we have food to offer them, after all it was good to see some of hubby's side of the family.

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