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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Drug Rehab

Hubby and I went to visit my in-laws the other night. The mother was there and had told us a lot of stories about hubby's uncles and aunts. As she was telling me all these things that happens with their life before made me feel nervous a little. She told us about the things their drug addict uncle did to them when hubby was still a little boy, and how the uncle tried to kill them with a knife. Goodness, I am very much thankful that hubby is still alive till these days and is my beloved after all those family testing times.

I just wonder why they didn't brought their uncle to a drug rehabilitation center for a treatment because with that everything would be fine and it will be a huge help to the addict person. Sending a person to a drug rehab cost a lot of money though, but what we will choose the money or wellness of the person?  Some parents would give their all just to make the life of their kids back to normal and out of drugs, even if it means "all money gone".

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