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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Wine, Spirits and Friends

My husband treated me to a fine dine in restaurant a few months back. We both have enjoyed the food and the drinks the restaurant have served us.
Hubby and I are no drinkers but we ordered wine during this special time. I don't drink that much or I mean I just drink occasionally, mostly with friends during our get together fellowship thing-y, but I do love wines with cheese. I've learned to do such when I happen to be invited by a friend to family beach get-away and her mom prepared a very good wine and a very good cheese as well, and from then on I love doing such as well.

October last year when we visited a family friend in Toronto, our friend gave us a very special wine they bought somewhere there. We kept the wine until we came home to Manila. Indeed it taste very good and I was impressed of how good the wine is.

We haven't been to any bars as friends promised the would bring us when we were in Toronto because our time were limited and also our friend's although they have brought us to a lot of fine-dine-in restaurants. Yet it would be very fun to see, taste and experience bar setting in a different culture and taste. But anyhow, I would give my all just to experience the taste of wine bar albany New York when I got the opportunity to visit this beautiful place. I have tried applying a visa though to visit some friends here but unfortunately I got denied. I do believe that someday I'll be able to see this place and visits a lot of bars and drink a lot of wines, also I will try all the food I have never tried before.

One thing I love about visiting other places is their culture, it's different from where I have been. When we say culture: in it is enclosed the people, place, fashion and of course the food.

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