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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Need Air-conditioning?

It's too hot here in our house these past few weeks aside from the rainy day the other day though but the rest of the days are really scorching hot even inside the house. We have used two electric fans and still sweating, have showered thrice and still sweating, huh! I think what we need is an air conditioning, but to think that it is quite expensive to have one in here, not to include the electric bill plus the repairs cost when its broken, I don't know, having air conditioning is probably just a dream to me.

Well, our office has  fully air-conditioned though, but the air conditioning has been broken a lot and it took a week or two for the repair man to fixed it. If we only have lived in Atlanta, there's probably no problem for us to get a new air conditioning because of Air Conditioning Atlanta  is a very good place to look for one.

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