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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Food and Gifts :)

Last night was good but kinda tiring. I cooked food for the whole family  (my family of three then hubby's mom and three siblings). It's good to have them at the house actually but I just can't help myself but wanting to just go to bed and forget everything. But of course I don't wanna spoil the moment so instead of resting I forced myself  to to get up and excite myself by opening my baby's gift's even the clock did not hit twelve yet.

It was good opening my baby's presents, it made us all lively and made the almost quiet house alive and giggly again. How I wished though as I opened the gift that a someone had slipped a box of jansport backpacks gifts for my out of town usage specially now that my friends and I are planning to go up North to celebrate New year!