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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Home alone with my gorgeous.

Yes... I'm home alone with my gorgeous baby Z again. It's her and mommy again and again and again... I love being with her in her good moods and bad moods I'm not complaining. As my dearest mom's friends says... just enjoy... she will soon grow up and won't be a baby anymore nor again. So enjoy every moment with your baby.

So now... we both are lying together in our tiled floor but we are in opposite direction co'z she roll and roll and roll and it's so tiring if I have to come after her. So I let her go as long as I know and could see that she is not harming herself.

We both are waiting for daddy to come home. Daddy thought that we are a delight to see when he comes home... what he doesn't know we are more delighted to see him every-time :)

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