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Saturday, December 3, 2011

For baby and grandma

Hubby's mom dropped by at our house one day with a big smile on her face co'z she has with her an extra large diaper for my baby of four months, I know it was quite big but it helps. It was a branded diaper reasons why I can't just let it go, anyways, I had to put on her during night time so I had no worries at all that someone might see it and thought of me a weird mom.

It was a packed of thirty pieces but hubby's grandma saw it and asked for some she thought that it maybe a baby diaper but since it's extra large in size it might also fit on her.  Sure did, it fits on her co'z she is no big woman and sure indeed she save a penny for a diaper. It is still good to have one rather than wearing nothing specially these days that an   adult diaper cost more.

So instead of bringing thirty, mom just brought twenty pieces co'z grandma had ten. It's just an ironic thing to think that a baby and a grandma shares the same size of diaper. lol!

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