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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Play drums like a rockstar

Staring at this awesome drum set made me think back of some situation three years ago when I was just new member of  the Youth Mobilization team ( a religious organization that helps the unreached youth). I went with a co-team mates to a tribe up north, a four hours drive from the Manila. Their place was up in the mountain, a very tiny village but with beautiful people.

They have  a very small old but cement church with really nothing in the altar but the presence of God probably. I don't see any musical instruments unlike in my church in Manila where we've got all that our worship team needs. But all I could see in this small church was a water jug  sitting down in the corner of the altar, and when I asked the pastor what the jug for, he said that they uses it as a drum. My heart was broken and my eyes fail me co'z tears run down. All I could say during that time was a prayer that may the Lord sees their heart of the people there  and hear my prayer of blessing upon those people. And lo and behold when I came back after a month a drum set was sitting in there new and shining.

I just forgot the the drum set brand co'z I was focus on the whole thing. It might be a Tama Drums or something. I don't know... co'z all I know then that the youth of the church went singing and dancing and worshiping.  For sure they enjoyed playing with the band specially now that they have a keyboard and a guitar. This thing below is actually the best, love it!

Midnight Blue

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