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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Silver and Gold Coins for Christmas Gift?

Gift list haven't started yet and I'm not sure if I  can start it still. Things are really going out of control specially when it comes to finances. Things have gone way far different now... and I really need to accept this fact now that we cannot do the same thing as before... when we have no baby yet. This time our priority beyond anything else is the need of our adorable little girl. If before I can buy this and that.. or anything I find interesting but this time I have learned and yet have to learn to accept that I cannot do such. 

Well if ever I have the means to buy a gift for friends I would not hesitate to  buy silver coins co'z this is not a common gift you give and I know that they would treasure this and would keep it.  I like this Canada coins below though co'z the country has a special spot in my heart. If I have to buy a coin for myself I definitely would get this two. :)

Canadian Gold Maple LeafsSilver Canadian Maple Leafs

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