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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

One down, one more to go party

My Z's "dedication day (Christening day)" was finally over and yet we are planning again for another party on June (her first birthday party). We were actually contemplating of whether to pursue  it or not before,  but now is decided to do party since we saw that it is where relatives see each other. It's actually serves as a reunion kind of. So even though throwing big parties these days are not practical but we will pray that God will provide us provisions so that we'll be  able to do it for the sake of relationships (both family and friends).

Having a do it your own party is really  hard specially with the set-up and pack-up time. My feet hurts and I got really tired after Z's dedication party specially when the youth who helped us set-up went home already and "we" with my dear friends were left cleaning the dirty dishes and some other mess. If I could only hire a food server at Food Server Jobs to set the food table up and to clean it after (specially packing up the left overs) I probably would because doing this things needs skills and patience.

I thank God for He has given me friends whose passion is to do party events and helping friends does their parties :). Without "ate Raquel" my baby's party would never be that beautiful!

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