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Friday, December 2, 2011

Schools should have metal detectors

I saw it on television, heard it from a neighbor, read it on newspapers, yes, it's all over the news-killings at school and malls have grown in number these days. I just have one question though how come these people were able to bring deadly weapons inside such establishments knowing the guards always look into each one belongings to see if someone had brought with them unwelcome things.

A couple of weeks ago I saw in the news that a student was shot dead by another student. Faculties of the school and parents were shocked hearing the news. Their question are: how come these people or students were able to bring such weapon to school knowing the guards has metal detector that can detect such things. However I also learn that detectors are not solely for metals only there are also that detects gold like  metal detectors gold.  If your carrying with you a gun or a knife with gold in it, the ordinary metal detector might not detect it but the gold detector will.

I just hope though that deadly metals/weapons will be confiscated  whatever device they may use.