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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The husband in orange t-shirt

Hubby got two t-shirt for free (hopefully though, wish no one would approach him asking for payment. lol!) during the conference we had attended in Cebu. He liked the black t-shirt than the orange one. He said wearing it felt like he is one inmate or a street food worker. So after wearing it he told me if I like it I can have it or else he'll be giving it to someone else. Of course I took it co'z if he felt like wearing a funny tshirts when he wears them, well, I don't feel the same co'z I know it will look good on me, specially when I lose a little weight ").

Here he is posing with his guitar and orange t-shirt. I actually don't think he looks funny co'z to me he look gorgeous!

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ferry'zWILL said...

hehe :) sympre naman wafu talaga si hubby sa tingin mo Sis :) hehehe walang duda yun!!!

>> bagay naman ang orange na tshirt sa kanya eh :)

>> blog hopping :)