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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sad and Sudden

Almost three months ago when we were about to move to our recent house when I got into a "not good talk" with our new neighbor. I wasn't prepared for "not nice" neighbors then because our former neighbors were friendly. So it got me so annoyed that my lady neighbor to be gave me a bad impression, and so, as we moved, we automatically (though not purposely) create an enemy... and it made me real sad :(.

So bad rumors about us spread and I have a plus plus plus sadness because I'm a Christian here and supposedly trying to get friends but whenever we come out of our house their eyebrows went up. I was so annoyed to the max that it took me awhile to find courage and strength to finally accept the fact that I need to forgive and love them no matter how bruised my feelings would be.

Then came a news that the lady's mom's had stroke and finally died. I'm sad that things happen so  quickly and that I wasn't able to even make friends with her and now, she's gone, forever.  The good thing though about this situation was, I was able to visit and extend my condolences and finally say hi with a smile to the grieving family including the lady who said nasty things about me.  They told us that if only the doctors did not assume their mom health issue and if they only had medical equipment to use as first aid as they were waiting for some medical professional to help them, maybe, just maybe things would be different now.

Yet now, their mom had left them for good now and that's remain from her  was their pond memories  with her. My heart goes to the lady's son who has sickness in his very young age and it was his grand-mom who really takes care of him and now that she's gone his life would be different and gloomy.

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