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Monday, March 26, 2012

Pork Dumplings for Dinner :)

It feels like hubby, my baby and myself are having diarrhea after our trip. I hope and pray though that my baby will be okay soon or else we'll be heading to her pedia again and going there means a waste of precious cash that is so much needed by us.

Since I don't feel like eating and of course there is no way as well that I won't prepare anything for dinner since in-laws are all looking up to me for cooking when I'm around, so I think of a dish that I would enjoy as well and nothing is more mouth watering than the thought of having dumplings for dinner. I search online the recipe and the know how.

Dinner is over and my dumpling was a success even though it was my first time to do it. Well, I think I enjoyed it the most co'z I have eaten a lot than expected.

here's how: mix all ingredients in a bowl (ground pork, egg, minced onion leaves, grated ginger, minced garlic, minced cabbage, salt and pepper to taste), then wrap it with wanton wrapper and put on a steamer and steam  ed for twenty minutes. Try it with soy sauce and kalamasi as sauce. Yummy to the max!

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