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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I'm his number one fan

This hubby playing with his band during the praise and worship time of last week prayer conference. He is a good lead guitar player and of course I'm his number fan and the rest are his family and friends (proud wife here :d). Hubby loves guitar in general, if he only have a lot of extra money our house is probably full of guitars. 

And one thing more,  don't mess with his guitar if you want to be friends with him, co'z no matter how close you are as friends, he'll get annoyed of you and you will be marked x forever (joke!).  This year he got two guitars, one acoustic and the other is electric, both are not brand new though but still... those guitars belongs to him now.  If he happens to see these Vandoren Reeds, he'll probably would tell me " hon, these are gorgeous and I think I want one!".
hubby and his guitar

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