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Sunday, March 18, 2012

It is finished :)

I have two friends who are sisters and I can really say that they seems like a sister to me. With them I can be myself with no pretention at all, with them I can think loud and I'm thankful that the Lord have given them to me, and of course I love them as my siblings. We lived for over four years before the Lord called us to missions of our own, we stayed at the same roof  at the same room and showered together, ate at one plate, slept in one bed and most of all believe and worship on the same one God!

Last week my girl friend (one of the sister) told me over a text message telling me that her house was messy because her floor is being tiled of and even suggested that when we get our new house we should make sure to put tiles on the floor first before moving in, I got annoyed by her suggestion because hubby and I suggested that thing first with her so that it would not be hard for her but she did not listen and continue her moving in in spite of no tile  floors yet. So when she said that it's too messy and dusty, it got me annoyed and told her back saying "I told you so!". She did not text back and so I presumed  that she was annoyed as well.

Well, I saw her at church this morning and she greeted  me with all smile telling me that her house looked nice with its new tiles. Of course I'm happy when I saw her happy and proud of her success. I hope that her next project will be putting a garage floor tiles co'z I know that soon enough she'll  have her car.

I pray that I'll be next too :)

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