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Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's too hot in here!

I need to shower before going to bed and right after waking up co'z the hotness is driving me insane. I need to focus the fan on me knowing it's too selfish to do that, but what could I do since I sweat really bad. I actually have asked hubby if he could buy us an air-conditioning but the answer I get was "no" or probably what he meant was "not yet". If I only have the money to buy it, I probably had it without telling anyone I bought it. That's desperate I am.

My room is tidy everyday because I don't want it to look untidy co'z the untidiness  just add some warm feeling, and looking at a messy room make me sweat terribly. My room may not look very nice and my bed would not look like one either but I rather have it than having a cozy bedroom but very messy. If hubby could only buy me and air-conditioning plus a bedroom vanity set life would very good and coming to a nice bedroom is really something you always look forward at the end of the day.

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