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Monday, February 28, 2011

Ruined diet

Yesterday we hubby and myself went to a beach three hours away from the city where most of my teammates lives. We cooked great food and  I ate loads of good food too. We grilled saint peter fish, pork and egg plants. We also cooked chicken adobo, squid adobo and rice.  We have watermelon for fruit. We have great time eating.

To tell you honestly: it was not good for me because my diet was ruined. But anyways, I had great time so I just don't care. I'll just have to continue my diet  so I will reach my desired weight still.:)

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J-mie said...

As long as there are no rice, potatos or noodles, then your diet is as good as it is. You need the proteins. Treat yourself with some. It won't ruin your diet. :)