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Friday, November 19, 2010

Cyber days

Hubby and I went house tripping again the other day in hoping to find a good-near-spacious-cheap rent to own house in Cavite. We did saw a lot of good one and in fact more than our we expected to see but of course when the house is good, expect too that the price high.

We visit this model house of a new subdivision named "cyberville" which I really like so much, but the price hurts hubby's mind (because he think and think on how we will be able to afford this house), because no matter what he does or how he do it, our monthly support won't really cover the monthly payment.

I asked the lady agent why the subdivision is called cyberville and she told me that they want this place to be a cyber place (I don't  know what she really meant. lol). Anyways if we will get this place all our mondays will be cyber monday and our friday will be Black Friday or all our days will be cyber days. hahahaha.
My godson would be very thrilled to know that ninangs place is cyber place.


Toyin O. said...

Funny post, good luck with your serach.

Up Close said...

Hi Toyin, I just found out this post of mine is indeed funny in general, not just because of the searching thing but the construction of the grammar too. I am now going edit this. But I know its too late too.
Thanks anyway for taking time to read though my post is nonsense.