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Thursday, November 25, 2010

My friend runs 5k each week

Yes, my friend runs 5k each week for a month now I think. While me on the other hand is busy eating and have spent 5k for a month (joke...5k is too much). Part of me would like to join with her running quest, bu t my problem is I afraid to run for I might b pregnant (who knows) and because of excessive exercise I will lost it. This is one reason why when my period comes its drives me to tears because I might have done the running if I have known I'm not!
Well... I'm kind used to it though and have accepted that this is what we called life... its survival of the fittest! I might as well wait and see if in the future I could use a best hgh supplements as a diet supplement.
Though this is hard, I still believe that someday things will happen as long as you believe it will happen!

good day everyone!

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