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Thursday, February 10, 2011

House hunting again

This time its not for us though, its for a dear couple friend who is getting married in April. We are helping them because they wanted to live in the place where we just moved and wanted to live close to us since we are living there already. Of course I am so much happier knowing I'll have a close friend living near me.

So in pursuit of the house, we looked at this prospect house this morning that is two blocks away from our house only. Its a two room house, tiled floor and has a pendant lighting fixtures already hanging on the dining area. The only problem is the toilet shower is broken... well, its actually same with ours too, our shower is broken but I just don't care as long I like the rest of the house.

My friend has to see the house herself though, just don't know when. I am hoping that she'll get the house because its not that i like it... its also close to where hubby's mom live, actually just a house away. :)

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