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Monday, February 28, 2011

Scanning and photocopying blues

I have problems in doing minor things such as photocopying and scanning a documents because I don't know or I simply refuse to learn on how to operate the machine. I develop this attitude of leaving all those things to hubby. I know this is not a good habit.. but you can't blame me because hubby is always there to do such things for me.

Just last week someone asked me to photocopy a document for him, but I cannot do it since I don't know how and there's no one in the office but me. I am just thankful though because after all my anxiety that lasted about five minutes, hubby came to the rescue.

Furthermore, I need to scan a document  several days ago so that I'll get paid from the service I rendered to someone. I am thankful still that even though I don't know how to use such this things but we have document scanning software in the office to use or else we need to go somewhere else and pay more just to get our documents scanned.

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