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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Makeup Kit

Just the other  day I found this long time not use purse of mine. So, I loaded it up with makeups and other stuff for travel emergency purposes, specially this time that hubby and I uses our bike to go anywhere and putting on makeup is really not a good idea. I found out actually that putting makeup on while riding in a motor bike for one hour is not a good idea because I have tried it one time and when we arrived at the office my lips which was supposed to be shining red because I put lipstick it turns to black because of dust and dark smoke that came from other vehicles. Goodness!

After that incidents, I swear to myself not to do it anymore. I don't care if look plain and simple as long as I don't wear dusty black makeup anymore! So from now on.. I told hubby never to take out the purse I put on his  back-pack. That purse is solely for travel emergency alone. :)

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