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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My friend Dad is dead!

I am totally confused right now. A friend texted us telling that someone's dad is dead. I thought it was my pastor's dad since he is nearly a hundred years old already but the last time I saw him and it was just last Sunday he was still well and kicken'. I was almost to send my condolences to pastor Mar when I received a message from him on facebook informing me that its my friend Gigi's Dad who had died. And when I throw loads of questions to him, he just simple got offline leaving more confused.

 I am thinking of what would they do since some close friends are in Singapore and won't be home till next week. I know that this must be a sad news for those who are away. I just pray that God will give him comfort and provisions for whatever needs they have right now knowing they did not made any funeral planning for him.

Well, I will wait till later to see who really died!

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