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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Need a printer

Hubby's sister was mad because she was asked by her mom to do her younger brother homework. She made a research about a map and she needs to go to an internet cafe to print it co'z we don't have one. I just don't understand why my hubby's youngest brother doesn't want to do his school assignment. He always asked his mom's helped to do it knowing he's eleven years old now and should be doing things on his own.

I really wish that we'll be bale to get a printer co'z not only hubby's siblings needs it, we too, needs it co'z hubby needs his outline printed whenever he has a preaching slot at church. It will be good to have a printer that can print a dymo address label co'z we might need that when we have a house church. Thinking of planting one where we live in God's time.

I do wish and pray that the Lord would not only give us a printer but would also give me cash for sister in-law tuition fee. :)

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