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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Looking for this?

Three more months and it's Christmas season again.  I know that more are saving money for such time. The spirit of giving and forgiving will abound again. And as for me, I'm loving Christmas and I am more excited this time specially now that I have a little girl that would exciting to open gifts.

I remember Christmas three years ago when a team of Americans came to join in us in our ministry to give Christmas parties to a lot of Filipino children (who are in our ministry). One of the team leader were wearing a compression stocking and we take extra effort so that he won't get his legs wet.  I love the man so much even though a lot of people thought of him a very hard man, but hubby and I just love him so much and we look forward of seeing him again this year.

Well, if you guys are looking for this item item just browse online and you'll see a lot.  

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