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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Going for a Desktop

Thinking of getting a desktop when we move to our new house is quite tempting. Actually I've been wanting to get a desktop since I get married. But I cannot let go of my netbook as well. It's good to have one when I just would like to lay down on my bed or just sit in the couch or simply traveling and browsing. I can't even believe myself why I have pledge my netbook to in-laws knowing I soo need it.

Well, this netbook of mine is just a year old and yet it's too slow to open files specially when it's just turned on, it would take three minutes before you can fully use it. I believe that it's because of the applications I have downloaded. I really think I need a pc tuneup to get this baby run smoothly again.

I really wish I could get a desktop soon.

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